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WonderSchwifty's News

Posted by WonderSchwifty - July 14th, 2019

I’m taking a small break but I’m still active since I’m at my uncles place. Anyways, I’ve drew something new which I took time with ibisPaint.

Posted by WonderSchwifty - June 12th, 2019

Y’all know what to dk

join this sever since the lads are here



Posted by WonderSchwifty - June 8th, 2019

Hey , so i relased my lazy done video . I have had issues and i guess i might be blamed but what matters.

School and life is ending me so thats why.

Posted by WonderSchwifty - May 31st, 2019

Hey guys. Back at it again with a update.

I wanted to make a video but lately I’ve been having issues. But they are now being solve as the time of this post.

I’ve been drawing the same characters lately and I want some thing to draw so send me your requests in the comments.

Also , I started an art thread so I don’t need to be stressed with instagram all the time. In two weeks , school will close for me since next term is my last year in junior high. Which means I’m free!.

For now , this is what I have


Plus follow me on Twitter :

My Twitter

Posted by WonderSchwifty - May 11th, 2019

Hey guys

Its another update today. I turned 15 lately and I kinda feel kinda weird. I found my pen today which means good things.

I might be not posting doodles a bit since it’s the month of finals until June which means two or three doodles a week. I know it’s bad but I need to study at times.

Im still recovering from stuff from the past and I’m pretty much a bit active here and there.

(also , happy Pico day)



Posted by WonderSchwifty - May 11th, 2019

Hey guys

So I’ve reopened my commissions again which is great so here’s some info.

Line art & color -1$

Fully shaded plus Background - 1$

Icons -(10 deviantart points.)

I take payments now in Swisch and DeviantArt points since I don’t have pay pal yet.

pm for more info or see this sheet here.

Posted by WonderSchwifty - May 1st, 2019

Hey guys

I have bad and good news

The bad news is I can’t complete my animation so I guess have to submit art instead for the contest.

Ive been having school projects so that’s why I’m a bit stressed .

My pen is gone thanks to my wild nephew climbing the desktop and throwing it away some where in the house.

The good news is that

i got my iPad so this means I can draw but a bit badly in sketchbook.

My birthday is on the 6th next week which means I’m finally getting a new laptop!.

I might miss my old desktop which was for the family I got 5 years ago but new things are always good.

As soon as I find my pen , I will be posting doodles and maybe a storytime video.

Im sorry for the bad news guys



Posted by WonderSchwifty - April 17th, 2019

Hey guys ,

So the project im working on is now an animatic due to flash being werid for me. I've been taking small pauses since i have alot to do there days.

For those who didnt know , i used to draw ponies alot but i quite lost the intrest alot. Its werid but i wanna keep the best to keep some pony content off the site .

I also wanna tell you something , I did a sketch for a poster for a carnival in Gothenburg which is yet to be fixed now and im really hyped for this.

I still post doodles as much as i can since its two months untill school closes.

Happy Easter everyone



Posted by WonderSchwifty - March 26th, 2019

Good morning and night (for some)

Im really happy today and I would like to update on things

Good news is that

I got a supporter status thanks to a special person which I’m keeping anon.

After five months on newgrounds, I’ve been scouted by one and it has made my day better and wholesome.

Im working on an animation for Pico Day which is still in it sketch point now and I hope i can make it until this.

I just wanna wish y’all a wholesome time and I wanna thank everyone one for support and criticism that has made me motivated

Shout out to the homies at the BBS.



Posted by WonderSchwifty - March 12th, 2019

It’s been a month since I did a update.

also a new video is up under judgement.


Anyways I’m taking a 2 week break due to school and I will be posting art then . Because I need to concentrate on some stuff.

Commissons are still open during this time too.

See ya